Complii Advisor Bid/Corporate Offer letters

What is Advisor bid/corporate offer letters ?

Complii’s Advisor Bid allows corporate deals to be distributed to advisors to bid on the deal. Successful bids can be automatically sent to clients who have the option to electronically accept the deal.  Client profiles are also taken from Complii compliance software and applied to corporate deals. Complii Advisor Bid and auto-offer letter generation will save hours, days and even weeks of administration work and corporate paperwork organisation.

The newest enhancement of Complii’s Corporate Bidding system is The Corporate Highway.

This feature gives existing Complii Users the opportunity to invite any broker in the Complii Community to participate in their Corporate deal.  You can choose to offer the deal to any number of brokers using the system.  Upon a successful bid, the deal will then automatically open in the invited brokers bidding system, to offer to their own clients. It is essentially an opportunity for Complii licensees to establish new relationships within the Complii network that currently don't exist. This new platform minimises manual processes (i.e. back and forth emails) and will also keep records of interactions between brokers, as well as sharing Deal details to facilitate the Deal creation process.

 ***It is important to note that by using the Corporate highway, NONE of your client accounts will be accessed by any broker in the system, only a broker account representing your firm will be visible the brokers in the system***


Main Features

Advisor Bid

Complii advisor bidding system allows for an automated central book to be created. You can create a deal and send to all advisors or advisor groups to bid for their allocation. All bids are captured in a central book and the system will handle scale backs, automates registry spreadsheets and Pershing bookings and journals forms. At every point of the deal including the book, the system allows for the download of excel spreadsheets to be generated if needed.

Client Bid

Organisations will have the option to send deals out direct to entire client group databases, without going through advisor bidding system. E.g a deal can be sent direct to all listed sophisticated clients within an organisation, who can bid live for the stock. 708 exempt deals - the system will allow easy management of 708 exempt deals, by vetting participation to 708 (8) (10) (11) verified clients only

Electronic Acceptance

When a client receives notice of a deal via email and sms, the client can simply select the hyperlink ‘electronic acceptance’ to be included in the deal. This automatically updates in Complii bidding system and registers the portion to the client. Client can also specify what payment method they require on the client acceptance hyperlink.

Registry Instructions

Once a deal is closed, automatic registry instructions can be generated from Complii and sent to registries for automatic share allocation.
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