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Caddie is a new platform that helps advisers and AFSLs meet their legislated CPD obligations by aggregating CPD content relevant to the industry from more than 200 leading financial services content providers, e.g. Deakin University, Mintegrity, IFA, Money Management, Knowledge Shop, Ted Talks, XY Adviser and more. 

Described as the 'Netflix for CPD', Caddie curates hundreds of hours worth of CPD content (including articles, podcasts, videos, webinars, events and more) and delivers this in one easy-to-use platform where users can consume the content, demonstrate applied learning outcomes, and track it against their FASEA CPD requirements. The platform is completely mobile responsive, so users can learn and earn CPD points on the go. 

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Tailored plans for individuals, small businesses and big firms provide access to CPD materials that fit best


Enjoy the incredible efficiency of being able to learn, manage and report within one easy-to-use resource.


Browse curated list of world-class content from leading industry publishers or even publish your own!
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