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Harnessing the power of technology to meet the operational needs of AFSL holders.

Complii group

Complii Group offers a full risk, compliance and capital raising management platform for anyone dealing in Securities.

Complii Group was established to harness the power of FinTech to meet the operational needs of Australian Financial Service Licence (AFSL) holders.

Complii’s leadership are informed by their long experience in managing AFSL related businesses, and motivated by the desire to empower a more dynamic and successful Australian financial sector.

Complii has brought together a complementary mix of financial services and FinTech development experts to develop and integrate best of breed, customisable solutions to AFSL compliance specific operational challenges.

Close collaboration with key clients ensures that the team delivers effective ways to meet real world needs that grow business opportunities, drive competitive advantages and improve customer satisfaction.

Group history

The Complii group is an ASX-listed FinTech, delivering the only end-to-end, online Management Platform for capital markets participants.

Complii has emerged from the growing demand for smart application of FinTech solutions to AFSL holders’ specific operational needs for compliance, risk, operational and capital raising efficiencies. Complii’s rapid growth has been driven by large-scale aggregators’ recognition of the competitive advantages inherent in an integrated, modular, user-friendly platform for individual broker service delivery.

Complii Milestone

The Group Offering: a complete ecosystem

Covering the whole corporate lifecycle from inception to unicorn:

The Complii Group built a unique, differentiated and hard-to-imitate, end-to-end platform delivering a whole suite of solutions for equity capital markets participants. 

A growing market

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A unique offer

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A clear growth path

Expanded marketing

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Expanded sales efforts

Cross-sell expanstion

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Group integration efficiencies

Our Business Units: building the “backbone” of equity capital markets

End to end risk and compliance management platform for AFSL holders

SOA client portfolio, account administration and para-planning

Registry Direct

Share and unit registry, shareholder communications, Employee Share Schemes (ESS)

Unlisted share trading, capital raising, investor hubs

E-learning, CPD Management and professional development

Regulatory, compliance and operational risk consulting

board of directors

Craig Mason

Executive Chairman

Craig is the Executive Chairman of Complii FinTech Solutions Ltd. Craig has over 29 years of experience in the finance industry in various capacities. He has worked closely with ASX, ASIC and recently APRA to help shape the industry over this time, more specifically in the areas of custody, third party trade execution and clearing associated services. Craig has previously been an active director of the Stockbrokers and Financial Advisers Association (SAFAA) and also sat on the SAFAA Retail Broker Advisory Committee.

Alison Sarich

Managing Director

Alison has been instrumental in the commercialisation of Complii nationally.  Alison has over 20 years experience in the finance industry in Australia and the United Kingdom, in key roles and market segments. Alison has strong relationship management, extensive operations, including capital raising/corporate actions and compliance experience in the industry and brings this to the everyday running of Complii.

Steuart Roe

Executive Director

Steuart is an experienced business professional with 28 years in financial services and information technology. He is the (self-proclaimed) father of exchange traded funds in Australia and has been a proprietary trader, a hedge fund manager, a fund manager and the CEO of two ASX-listed companies.

Nick Prosser

Non-Executive Director

Nick combines over 20 years of experience in the ICT sector and over 10 years as a founder, entrepreneur and private investor. Previously he was involved in Canberra Data Center, the largest provider of Data Centre services to the Australian Federal Government. Nick founded ThinkCaddie in 2017, which was sold to Complii FinTech solutions in 2019. Nick is a Director of a number of companies including Advanced Human Imaging, Vudoo and Vega Blue.

Complii Directors Gaunt

Greg Gaunt

Non-Executive Director

Greg is a former Executive Chairman of the law firms Lavan and HHG Legal Group and possesses longstanding experience in the management of law firms where he attained broad business experience across many different sectors. Greg graduated from the University of Western Australia and currently sits on the Curtin Business School Asia Business Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the Catholic Development Fund.

Karen Logan

Company Secretary

Karen has extensive compliance, capital raising, merger and acquisition, IPO and backdoor listing experience in a diverse range of industries including technology, media, resources, health care and life science.  Over the past 13 years, she has assisted a substantial number of private start-up and established businesses to transition to publicly-listed companies. Karen is company secretary of a number of ASX listed companies.

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