Boom (Back Office Online Management) online client account administration and paraplanning


BOOM ensures that all aspects of online administration and paraplanning are fully AFSL compliant. Effective data capture, storage and retrieval ensures more successful dispute resolution and interfaces with automated compliance modules.


BOOM online administration and paraplanning enables more efficient information capture and management that significantly reduces administrative costs and increases Adviser productivity.

Digital information management also enables a wide range of other opportunities for cost saving including offshore processing, application process automation, and digitisation of audit trails.


BOOM empowers Advisers to spend more time servicing their clients and growing their client base with through the help of paraplanning software. It also empowers multi-adviser business managers to more closely monitor and improve individual client management productivity and performance.

BOOM’s data analytics and reporting empower process optimisation and individual adviser improvement strategies which ultimately improves client outcomes.


  • Digitisation
  • Process optimisation
  • Automation
  • Artificial Intelligence application
  • Offshore processing
  • Single touch data entry
  • Data analytics for improvement


  • Significantly lower cost of production
  • Significantly increase productivity


  • Licensees – Network control, compliance, oversight, productivity, scale
  • Practices – Reduced back office costs, scale, productivity and profitability

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