Filling a FinTech gap to create competitive advantages for the Financial Services industry

Complii Group has emerged from the growing demand for smart application of FinTech solutions to AFSL holder’s specific operational needs for compliance, efficiency and capital raising flexibility.

Complii’s rapid growth has been driven by large-scale aggregators’ recognition of the competitive advantages inherent in an integrated, modular, user-friendly platform for individual broker service delivery.

Substantial future growth will be driven by increasing penetration of this market segment, combined with expanding up-take of Complii FinTech’s growing suite of software modules amongst its existing customer base.

Complii's groups growth is underpinned by four key pillars

Market-driven leadership

Complii Group is substantially owned and run by long-time AFSL holders focused on delivering valuable business opportunities for large-scale aggregators.

Customer performance focus

Complii Group’s product and service investments are focused on delivering more of what our market values most – increasingly attractive and efficient financial client service with less risk.

Impeccable governance

Complii’s board is committed to maintain impeccable standards of corporate governance to uphold our reputation for totally reliable compliance and transparency.

Clients are also shareholders

Many of our top shareholders are also owners and executives of the leading financial service providers who now rely on Complii’s operating software. They understand that Complii Group’s success is intimately connected to their wider business interests.

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About us

Complii was born in as a result of the changes in legislation brought about by CLERP (Corporate Law Economic Reform) in early 2000 and the subsequent FOFA requirements regulating Australian financial advisors. Manual processes and substandard software was costing companies money and reputation, and a group of technologically savvy brokers sought a better solution.

The technology started as a simple SOA (Statement of Advice) generator and client profile tracker but has grown to become a complete compliance system for AFSL holders. Complii’s customisable, modular software is designed to automate record and report on an AFS Licensee’s compliance obligations.

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