Model Portfolio and

Intuitive workflow to rebalance client portfolios, actively monitor drift and generate client reports.


Create and manage models, for the firm or adviser, and attach to clients.

Client portfolios are regularly checked against the model and associated tolerances, with the RAG status reported in the Dashboard. 

Advisers can review their Dashboard to identify portfolios that need rebalancing,


Client portfolios rebalanced at the asset or asset class level, allowing additional cash to be added or withdrawn and for individual holdings to be actively rebalanced or passively held, producing  a rebalanced portfolio with proposed orders.

Proposed orders integrated into Compliance, for advisers to generate any associated compliance action.


Proposed orders are enriched with mandatory data for submission to the required destinations.

Domestic orders will be loaded into the Order Pad, ready to be released to market. Orders for other destinations can be exported in the required format to support efficient order management.

Based on the rebalance, client reports are generated and distributed.

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