Equipping Financial Services' firms for success

Complii FinTech brings new levels of client service efficiency, compliance and customer service innovation to Licence holders

Customised and modular flexibility

Designed to meet AFSL holders’ specific operational needs, Complii FinTech modules can be implemented individually or as part of an integrated service delivery platform.

While most modules deliver across all three areas, the core functionality of each is most aligned with one of the three.



Fulfill all AFSL related requirements

Operational and Regulatory Risk Consulting

Manage, check and reconcile pre-order staff trading requests

Alert to suspicious trading and screen clients / investors

Manage adviser and responsible manager CPD obligations


Automated distribution and acceptance of corporate deals

Empowers access to corporate deal flow and liquidity

Portal for Adviser’s clients to access information and download forms

Complii client broker network access to relay corporate bids


Secure online registry and capital management software

Manage resolution, notify and alert for mandatory obligation deadlines

Identify, manage and control risks across an entire organisation

New Adviser client establishment for online service management

Online client account administration and paraplanning

Designed by experienced FinTech experts, the platforms’ protocols and reporting tools are readily adaptable to organisation-specific operating procedures

Complii's ever-expanding suite of integrated modules
address three basic needs of AFSL holders:


Empower you to deliver a broader array of valued client services in more satisfying ways

Complii modules empower AFSL holders in a variety of ways to create greater value for their clients deliver superior client service experiences.

Adviser Bid and Primary Markets provide secure, compliant and automated ways to participate in bids, share bid opportunities with others, or raise funds through private market channels for specific corporate deals.

Specific functions such as Corporate Highway and Client Bid also leverage the networking power of online connection to maximise investor exposure and opportunity for participation in investment opportunities.


Enable you to manage operational workflows with far less time, effort or risk of human error

Complii modules enable AFSL holders to undertake their requirements faster, with less risk of error and greater transparency.

The modules save service administration time so it can be spent on new business development and client relationship management.

Complii mitigates operating risks and reduces the costs of managing complaints and other aspects of client service management.

Core functions include easier and more efficient new client account establishment, on-going account administration and more thorough and effective risk assessment and mitigation.


Ensure that all relevant facets of AFSL compliance are fully and correctly satisfied

Ensuring AFSL compliance lies at the heart of our core value. Complii’s integrated FinTech software negates the risks of human error and prevents deliberate infringements.

While all Complii modules are designed with in-built AFSL compliance, some focus mainly on minimising the burdens and risks of compliance administration.

These modules prompt required user inputs, generate required reports, record service audit trails, and facilitate fulfilment of recurrent obligations such as staff training and continuing professional development.

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