Update on Capital Markets Trends – Craig Mason’s AusBiz interview

Watch Craig Mason, Complii’s Executive Chairman, talk to Ausbiz about Capital Markets Trends.

Speaking on current trends within capital markets, Craig Mason, Executive Chairman of Complii Fintech Solutions, highlights an emerging preference for companies to remain unlisted in the private space and the increasing prevalence of private capital in these areas.

He suggests the shift is due to companies’ desire to remain beyond the confines of a listed environment for a longer duration.

Craig further reflects on the growing value investors see in unlisted companies which aren’t just startups but often significantly large organisations such as VGW and Animoca. These companies, he notes, continue to operate powerfully in the unlisted domain, attracting substantial capital. Nonetheless, Craig advises that investing in unlisted markets requires extensive due diligence due to less regulatory scrutiny.

Looking forward, Craig identifies good investment opportunities within businesses that have solid balance sheets and substantial revenue lines, even though they might remain opaque. He states that not only equity-based companies but also debt and family property trusts are generating interest. He maintains that despite the higher risk profile linked to unlisted markets, they can become a crucial part of a well-balanced portfolio due to their potential for lucrative capital returns.

Link to the 5′ interview here