Web-based compliance solution, designed to automate, check and process compliance obligations and protect AFSL's, Stockbrokers, Advisors and clients.

Welcome to Complii FinTech Solutions Ltd

Complii FinTech Solutions is a secure digital platform that removes the need for paper based compliance.  This customisable software has been designed to automate, record and report on an AFS Licensee's and Brokers compliance obligations. Significant staff cost savings and time savings can also be achieved as a result of implementing Complii. 

Complii automates functions such as sending ROA's/SOA's emails based off client profiles, 708 8 expiry register, FOFA FDS letter auto-generation and electronic opt-in, online client profiles updates, disclosures, breach register, Chinese walls, internal compliance and much more.

Part of Complii’s cutting edge innovation software solution is Advisor Bid and Corporate Word, which allows corporate deals to be distributed to advisors to bid on.  Successful bids can be automatically offered to clients who have the option to electronically accept the deal by a hyperlink on the email. 

Complii’s Client Portfolio Portal allows your clients to login online, view and update their risk profiles, run and print statements, contract notes, securely contact their advisor (no more email fraud!), track stock performance with live pricing and much more.

Complii's latest addition to its range of products is Complii’s Corporate Highway. which essentially allows you to place deals of your choice on a platform for all of Complii’s stockbrokers/AFSLs, and underlying users to bid on. Likewise users of the system within your organisation will also have access to the Corporate Highway to see what deals other brokers are putting up and place bids on them.  We see the feature as a great opportunity for clients of Complii who are looking for deal flow and/or more spread on their deals. 

With the benefit of a rapid development cycle for system enhancements, functional changes are delivered in hours or days rather than weeks or months.

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