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Complii’s Product Enhancements and growth strategy

1 November 2023

Read SmallCAP’s article about Complii’s ongoing product enhancements and growth strategy:   Sydney-based Complii Fintech Solutions (ASX: CF1) continued to work on new modules and current product improvements for the first quarter of the new financial year with a view to generating greater annual recurring revenues. An upgrade to its PrimaryMarkets platform — offering faster settlement times, […]

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Leveraging Compliance Technology for competitive advantage

20 September 2023

From burden to competitive advantage.

With so much regulation, growing in complexity and volume, compliance feels like a cost of doing business for many companies, a burden even. Yet, through technology, compliance management can drive business growth, even become a competitive advantage, helping win and retain business.

In many cases, compliance

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How Technology Is Revolutionising Compliance

20 September 2023

For financial services firms, compliance has traditionally been a significant challenge, with complex regulations and high costs making it difficult to ensure that all requirements are met.

The role of technology in compliance is therefore becoming increasingly important as regulatory requirements become more complex and demanding. Compliance technology will continue

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The Future of Compliance technology in capital markets

24 February 2023

Compliance leaders are at the center of a transformational time in regulatory compliance and risk management.

This article provides insights as to how Compliance technology can help stay on top.


From cost centre to growth lever.

Once thought of as a cost centre, compliance is increasingly seen as an asset that can

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Complii’s growth strategy

13 December 2022

Listen to SmallCAP podcast about Complii FinTech Solutions (ASX: CF1) achieving maiden profit, and continuing growth (w/ Craig Mason)


Complii FinTech Solutions (ASX: CF1) executive chairman Craig Mason joins Small Caps to discuss the company’s strategy for continuing its upward momentum through acquisitions of complementary technology and organic growth via ongoing

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Complii integrates with LAB group to simplify financial advice

2 May 2022

Complii FinTech Solutions Ltd (ASX: CF1) (“Complii”)  is pleased to announce that it has partnered with Australia’s most connected account opening platform provider, LAB Group (“LAB” or “the Company”) to streamline digital onboarding for Complii’s clients.

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Craig Mason provides an overview of Complii’s Digital Platform for AFSL

21 May 2021

Executive Chairman Craig Mason provides an overview of Complii’s digital platform for centric workflows for AFSL compliance (Stockbroker/Financial Planner/Adviser), capital raising and operational efficiencies its competitive advantages & growth strategy.

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